21 November 2005


Names are named for a change:
Sarajevo, 21 Nov. (AKI) - Bosnian authorities have arrested two people suspected of involvement in a wider terrorist network, whose branches seem to spread from Bosnia to Denmark and Australia, local media reported on Monday. The police revealed neither the names nor the location of the arrests, which were made over the weekend, but the significance of the arrests were illustrated by prime minister Adnan Terzic congratulating the security forces on a "successful operation".

Bosnian police on Saturday arrested a Turkish citizen, Cesur Abdulkadir, and a local Muslim with Swedish citizenship, Mirsad Bektasevic, suspected of having planned suicide attacks on the embassy of a European Union country in Sarajevo. Police found a quantity of weapons and explosives in their Sarajevo apartment, with instructions on how to make explosive devices. It later turned out that Bektasevic was connected to a group of young Muslims arrested in Denmark, on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in Europe.