18 November 2005

Thank goodness for that...

I mean, he might have caught a case of the Yahoodi cooties.

Lahoud avoided shaking Shalom's hand in Tunisia:
Lebanese president Emile Lahoud avoided shaking the hand of Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom in the course of an international conference in Tunisia earlier this week.

According to the Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, Shalom approached Lahoud to shake his hand, but PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who sat next to the Lebanese president, took Lahoud's hand and led him away from Shalom, Israel Radio reported.

Lahoud, according to the newspaper, thanked Abbas for keeping him from shaking Shalom's hand.

BTW, the Israeli version of this story is that they did, in fact, shake hand - but it didn't mean anything.

Just the kind of promiscuous, casual hand-shaking-between-government-officials that occurs so often in this decadent world...