01 November 2003

Jihadism is Kufr, not Islam: "I met him outside London's Finsbury Park mosque after the Friday prayers. Exultant after the Pakistani Jihadists had downed two Indian planes in Kargil, he was more direct: 'You Muslims (Indian) are cowards. Rivers of blood will flow in India soon and you will have just two choices: either become a true Muslim (i.e. Jihadist) or perish.' Revealing future Jihadist plans, he said: 'You are completely devoid of leadership. We will provide you leadership under which you will become true Muslims (i.e. Jihadists).' "
How do the chosen believers derive the right to visit Allah's wrath on the Kafirs, their fellow beings? [This question was] raised by Ms. Jalbala Vaidya and Mr. Gopal Sharma in a debate on various aspects of Islam organised by them at The Akshara Theatre following the premiere of their film The Sufi Way in early 1999.