17 January 2004

allAfrica.com: Uganda: Muslims Circumcise Pastor
Muslims Circumcise Pastor

New Vision (Kampala)
January 13, 2004
Posted to the web January 13, 2004
By Esther Mukyala

KAMULI Police have charged eight Muslims, who reportedly forcefully circumcised a born-again pastor recently, with injuring somebody.

The district Police commander, Fred Ssekiwere, said Musa Mulyabirime and seven residents of Namukoge village in Bumana sub-county circumcised Pastor Charles Muwanguzi of Bulumba Miracle Centre after his prophecy for conversion failed to materialise.

Last year, Muwanguzi reportedly prophesied that Mulyabirime would convert to Christianity by January 5, 2004.

Mulyabirime, who also predicted Muwanguzi's conversion to Islam, demanded that they put it in writing.

The duo reportedly signed an agreement in respect to their predictions on August 4, 2003.

When the day came and Musa had not converted, he led several Muslims to Muwanguzi's church where he had locked up himself as if praying for a last minute miracle.

The group reportedly broke the church door open and dragged Muwanguzi to Bulumba Mosque where a sheikh circumcised him.

Meanwhile, Muwanguzi, after reportedly nursing his wound, has resumed his church ministry.