05 May 2004

Kerry at the annual convention of the ADL, as reported in Haaretz:
"We traveled everywhere, to all the sites, to the north, to a kibbutz, Kiryat Shemona, which I will never forget, because it was near a school where only a few years earlier children had been murdered, innocently."

had been murdered, innocently.

John Forbes Kerry, who lied about knowing George Bush at Yale in order to paint the President as empty-headed, whose education in English grammar must certainly be as thorough as any child that is not a victim of Democrat-controlled inner-city education is offered, is unable to utter the simple, natural English phrase: innocent children had been murdered. The phrase that leaves no doubt in the listener's minds as to who is innocent -- the children.
Instead, this educated scion of upper-class Boston society, who campaigns with his butler, Marvin Nicholson, and whose law degree ought to sensitise him to the need to analyze the logical meaning of a phrase (think contract law 101), chooses the non-standard, weird English "children had been murdered, innocently."
Any grade school English teacher can explain which word the adverb "innocently" modifies in this phrase: murdered.
Kerry's plain meaning is not that the children are innocent but that the murder was done innocently.
This rich man, who has the best American education the upper classes can provide, this cultivated, nuanced, international man, was so desparate to avoid plainly calling Israeli children innocent that he twisted and tortured a sentence in his native language to come out meaning that the murder was committed innocently.
Way to respect the dead. Oh wait, they were Jews.