02 November 2004

Dutch Filmmaker killed by Muslim as punishment for making a film critical of Islam

Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker who worked with Member of Parliament Ayaan Hirsi Ali to create a 10-minute film about the Koranic punishments for "disobedient women" has been murdered by a Muslim.
One unidentified witness who lives in the neighborhood told the Dutch national broadcaster NOS that she heard six shots and saw a man with a long beard and wearing Islamic garb concealing a gun.
Another witness told Dutch Radio 1 the killer arrived by bicycle and shot Van Gogh as he got out of a car. "The shooter stayed next to him and waited. Waited to make sure he was dead," the witness said.

Van Gogh was killed in front of witnesses by a 26 year-old Dutch-Moroccan dual national wearing a djeballa. According to AP, police had recently dropped the watch on his house because there was no concrete evidence of a threat. The attacker left a note (allegedly in Arabic) on van Gogh's body.
In a written statement, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said "Nothing is known about the motive.

Yeah right.

A commenter on Jihad Watch reports from Amsterdam:
The assasination happened around the corner from where I live in Amsterdam Oost. I arrived on the scene five minutes after they killed Theo, as I was on my way to buy some bread with my two year old. I saw his body, with the knives still in it, covered with white linnen. Like this:
I worked with him at a radiostation, ten years ago. He lived around the corner, and never wanted to be surrounded by body guards, like Hirsi Ali and Wilders.
The police took his son out of the class room this morning to tell his father is dead. God bless Lieuwe.
Politicians now talk about societal problems, and that society is getting more violent. Off course, they don't talk about a war that is going on for 1400 years.

Hirsi Ali has been taken to an undisclosed safe location.
A man made death threats against her after "Submission" aired during her guest appearance on the show Zomergasten on August 29.
The man made the threats on an MSN forum after the broadcast. The Dutch police tracked down the man's email address with the assistance of the US authorities, raided three addresses in The Hague and made back-ups of the hard drives of the 12 computers found.
The Dutch court also ruled that by publishing Hirsi Ali's home address on the internet, he placed the MP in greater danger.
Man jailed for Hirsi Ali death threat

As my mother used to say: Let me tell you something. As soon as the jihadists feel they can get away with it, they will start expressing their displeasure with your opinions by intimidating you, and then suing you if you speak out against their tactics. And then they will escalate to killing you. They are doing it in Europe and they are poised to bring their intimidation and murder tactics to America any time they feel reasonably sure they can get away with it.