04 November 2003

L'information en Ile-de-France: "Une jeune fille agresse cause de ses boucles d'oreille en forme de croix"
Agence France Presse has this story -- my French is horrible so I can only give an overview: A Christian girl of Lebanese origin was assaulted by 3 Algerians for wearing cross earrings in Chelles, France. They fondled her breasts, called her a whore, cut her cheeks with a knife, and yelled "this is Algerian Sharia Law!" ("C'est la charia des islamistes algériens" lance-t-il.) Incidentally the 20 year old girl is physically handicapped.
And it gets better:
A muslim spokesman reassures us that the thugs are not true muslims but merely imbeciles. "'CE NE SONT PAS de vrais musulmans, mais simplement des imbeciles qui salissent l'islam et n'ont rien compris א cette religion. Ils seront punis par Dieu. Dieu n'aime pas les agressions.' Abderrezak Besalem, president de l'association de musulmans Foi et Fraternite..." (log in to leparisien to read more)
Quel shtuyot. They ARE true muslims, but I will cede the point that they are imbeciles.
Two of them have been arrested and I think the third has not been found yet. Under true sharia the Christian girl would have no legal case for complaining, since dhimmis are not allowed to practice their religion in public.