22 January 2004

Daily Times of Pakistan - Wazir tribe demolishes home of Qaeda supporter
A tribal lashkar (army), backed by the political administration and tribal police, on Wednesday demolished the house of a wanted man while bad weather hampered a second attempt to raze the house of another accused in connection with the drive against Al Qaeda supporters in South Waziristan Agency.
The fort-like house of Eida Khan of the Sperkai Wazir sub-tribe in Shaki area was razed with the help of state-provided bulldozers as a 400-man lashkar, formed last week to help the administration capture the men wanted on charges of sheltering Al Qaeda people, looked on. However, the first winter rain in the area prevented the lashkar from demolishing the house of Dawar Khan, also from the Sperkai sub-tribe, in Shah Alam area. “We will raze it tomorrow (Thursday),” a tribal chieftain told Daily Times. “The Wazir tribe will not rest unless all the wanted tribesmen are handed over to the administration,” he added.
A senior administration official said the two wanted men appeared to have crossed into Afghanistan. “In tribal code of conduct, demolishing someone’s home is seen as capital punishment, and we are happy with the lashkar’s efforts to help the administration,” he told Daily Times while requesting anonymity.
By Wednesday, the Wazir tribe had handed over 21 wanted men out of the 57 the administration has demanded for sheltering Al Qaeda and Taliban activists in their homes.