04 November 2004

Arafat "technically not dead"

Arafat is brain dead. An anonymous French source has told AFP that the old terrorist is in a vegetative state and that there is no chance of recovery. He can be kept "undead" for days or weeks according to this source. I have to wonder why not longer? There are many who live in vegetative states for years. But, let's hope for the best.

Did Arafat have AIDS? I haven't seen an analysis of the known facts from a physician yet, so I can only ask the question. According to my very limited understanding, his symptoms were not incompatible with that diagnosis. According to Ion Pacepa he was after all a pedo who like to bugger little boys. Whatever happened to the blood he was shown donating on 9/11?

Will France forever hide the truth? In stating that he wasn't getting proper medical care in Ramallah, is France trying to blame Israel for the state of the old terrorist's health? He was free to leave Ramallah at any time and go down the road to Hadassah hospital, accross the river to Amman, to France, wherever. Terrorists make life and death choices for others. He chose not to pursue proper medical care for himself -- he chose his fate.

Today is 9 years to the day after the assassination of Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient, Yithzak Rabin. The other co-recipient, Shimon Peres, is hopeful that the Palestinian people can now throw off the yoke of terrorist leaders.