07 December 2005

"Man-on-the-Street", Washington, D.C., December 8, 1941

War Veteran: Pardon me, and I'm going to tell you something else. United States never lost a war yet, they're never going to lose it. Because, by gosh, we might chewing the rag about our presidents, about our Congressmen, about our, what do you call it, the -- in charge of a state --
Philip Cohen: Secretary of State?
War Veteran:
No, no, no.
Philip Cohen: Governors?
War Veteran: Governors. But when it comes to fight, damn it, we will fight to the last breath. And I'm mighty damn proud I am American. The only one thing hurts me, my heart is American, my toes are American, but my damn tongue, I never could nationalize that. [laughter]