18 April 2005

Israel's response to the tsunami disaster in Indonesia:

On January 12, a plane carrying 75 tons of equipment valued at $450,000 landed near the tsunami-affected area of Aceh. The cargo included the following:

-16 tons of baby food donated by the Remedia and Materna companies.

-30 tons of rice, flour, water, sugar and grains donated by the Koach Latet organization as well as the Sugat and Osem companies.

-5 tons of plastic sheeting donated by Hovav Plastica and Haogenplast.

- 20 tons of medicine produced by Teva Pharmaceuticals, donated through the Latet organization.

-A water purification system valued at $20,000 produced by the Netafim manufacturer, donated by Shari Arison Glazer and the Shira Hadasha Congregation, in Jerusalem. The manufacturer Netafim also donated a second system.

-A contribution of $300,000 of the Sacta-Rashi Foundation. Mark Solomon and the Friends of Yemin Orde Wingate Youth Village covered the cost of the flight.

-The above contribution together with that of Koach Latet, also provided ten communications networks produced by Gilat Satellite Networks, which provided two additional networks.

-El Al provided the plane at minimal cost, and the Defense Ministry and Maman provided quick, efficient and free service at the airport.

Indonesia's response to Israel:
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