04 November 2003

Below is a reader's post made to FrontPageMag. I believe it speaks for itself.

Date: 11/3/2003 1:48:37 PM
Name: Mahdi Al-Dajjal
Subject: A former muslim...

Thank goodness more and more people see through the smoke blown at them by Muslims and their Apologists to conceal their true end-game (World Domination) and who recognize Islam as being probably THE greatest threat to Western Civilization this century.

As a former Muslim, I can tell you without hesitation that their common goal and religious duty (repeatedly drilled into them from childhood) is and has always been to 'conquer and convert' until the entire world is Muslim and living under Islamic Law.

Islam's followers are taught and clearly understand that this goal is to be achieved by any means including but not limited to: lying (deceiving Infidels is not considered wrong under virtually ANY circumstance), cheating and stealing (taking from Infidels is not considered wrongful conduct because if you got away with it then Allah must have approved), murder of those who stand in their way (killing Infidels is doctrinally approved and even mandated in some cases), enslaving those who refuse to convert (widely accepted in Islam to put non-believers into the service of those who serve Allah), and rape. Note that soldiers and civilians captured during Gulf War I and later released told of such experiences of rape and other defilements.

For horrific acts committed against captured soldiers, read: Bravo Two Zero: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0440218802/

For atrocities committed against captured civilians, read: The Rape of Kuwait: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1561291935/

Lastly, this also includes breaching any type of agreement (verbal or written) including treaties. Recall Oslo Accords (breached) and Gulf War Cease Fire Agreement (breached), among many others. Recall Abu-Sayaf Muslims who agreed to free their hostages upon ransom payment but instead beheaded them and fled. In other words, world domination is clearly intended to be acheived by saying and doing anything which moves them closer to their end-game by even the smallest of increments.

If you simply don't believe any of this then go to their own site where articles by prestigious Islamic scholars and religious leaders are routinely posted providing religious instruction, guidance, and doctrinal clarifications to millions of web-enabled Muslims around the world and see for yourself what it is their religious scholars teach and their holy men preach. Surf around the site and you'll find articles about the lying, etc. mentioned above including others you may find equally disturbing.

Be advised that since I've been making people aware of this website, somebody there has been removing various articles completely and sanatizing others. Evidently, someone in charge over there is very much concerned that the infidels may actually learn about what Islam really does teach.

For example:

see: Duty of Muslims Towards Treaties [made with Jews]:
--- ARTICLE HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THEIR SITE --- I read that article before they took it off their site. Essentially, for a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo reasoning only an Islamic scholar would clearly understand, there is no obligation whatsoever for a Muslim to adhere to treaties made with Jews because such agreements were considered to have been 'born dead'.

See: Obligations of Muslims Towards Disbelievers [and other Infidels]:

See: Islam & The Concept of Friendship [with non-Muslims]:

See: Muslims and [how to handle] the University Culture [while studying in the USA]:

For those interested in understanding Islam's hatred of the west, a good starting point is the following article. Surf the main page for other stuff you may find interesting: http://www.danielpipes.com/article/417

Also, you can check out these lists of books I found on Amazon.com.

Books exposing Islam for what it is:

Books on Terrorism and Jihad:

Books on Women in Islam:

Books on Slavery in Islam:

Also, visit these sites generally keeping watch on Islam and trying to get the word out to my fellow Infidels and to those Muslims willing to come out of the dark and stand in the light of day:


Muslims know what Islam teaches. There can be no denying this. Their holy men know this.. Their scholars know this.. The truely faithful know this. Those who do not know this are either ignorant of the facts and really naive to what's going on in the world.

From their 'churches', their 'preachers' during 'religious services' give 'sermons' which spew venom straight from the 'pulpit' to whip the 'faithful' into a murderous frenzy of 'spiritual renewal' so that their followers can hence go forth with a re-newed hatred for other races, religions, and cultures, and all other things non-Islamic. I know.. I've been there..

For me, the truth about Islam was difficult to face having grown up under the ever present fear of severe punishment, reprisals against family, and imprisonment, torture and death if I ever questioned my faith. No matter how I thought about Islam the answer seemed to always comes up the same... Islam is evil. There was no doubt about that.


If we all do nothing then rest assured that someday we will all be Muslim Converts, Slaves, or Headless Corpses. Your choice of course...

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