05 November 2003

The interim president of Hillel is trying to save face. FORWARD : News: "'If I were to look at the 400 campuses where Hillel has a presence, I don't think there are serious battle issues on more than 25 or 30 of those campuses,' Infeld said. 'And on those campuses the Arab students are organized, the Arab students have mobilized the faculty and we're having a more difficult time. But that's not representative of the entire country."
In his article, Sharansky estimated that no more than a tenth of Jewish students on the campuses he visited participate in Jewish or pro-Israel activity. "And the rest?" he asked. "The rest are simply silent. They are not identified, not active, not risk-takers. Nearly 90% of our students are Jews of silence."
Sharansky is absolutely correct. Our campus is not an organized anti-Israel campus. There have been no anti-Israel demonstrations. I see no anti-Israel propaganda when I walk through the Student Center. But I can tell you from personal experience about our kids not being risk-takers. They are too scared to hand out apples and honey for the holidays.
All it takes is for good men to do nothing.