08 November 2003

Jihad Watch:Jihad Watch tells a tale of legislation and murder that is very apropos of the Muslim Brotherhood ruling regarding muslim participation in the American legislative process.

A devout muslim in Scotland tried to arrange an honor killing of his daughter's husband. He was caught and convicted.
Jordan recently rejected stiffening its penalties against honor killings. After all honor killings are islamically acceptable.
As the muslim population of Scotland increases, will new Scots muslims discard islamic ideas about honor killing or will we see an erosion of laws in Scotland protecting its citizens against honor killing?

Those of us who are in a position to participate in US elections must not only keep an eye on the presidential race, but on who is running for alderman and mayor.
I personally feel my vote for mayor in the last election made more difference than my vote for president -- the mayor won by only 12 votes. And although I had much respect and personal agreement with the other candidate, I feared the other candidate's election would send a message to the wrong elements that my town is wide open to radical change of the sort I do not want to see happen. This was an issue for me only because I was already aware of the aims of global jihad.
So in the next election, wherever you are -- think globally, act locally.