11 November 2003

Battle Of Badr - 17TH RAMADHAN 2 A.H
-- posted in 2000 to the Lexington Area Muslim Network (Lexington-Net is the first electronic mailing list open to all Muslim residents of Lexington, KY and surrounding towns and cities. It features news, announcements and practical information. It currently has over 400 members.)
It can also be clearly seen from the above accounts that Muhammad was also mindful of his other duties to Allah. Islam required him not only to make du'a for victory over the Disbelievers but also for his Islamic State to undertake economic, political and military actions that were in line with this objective and which he performed in order to seek Allah's victory. This is in complete contrast to the situation in which only du'a is made throughout the Islamic Lands today. That is because the basis for the rule is non-Islamic, even though the people and the Lands are Islamic. As a consequence, the political actions do not have Islamic objectives, such as achieving dominance for Islam and victory over the Disbelievers. So, instead of weakening the position of our enemies, the existing States in Islamic Lands strengthen them by not undertaking the Shariah actions such as Jihad.


For us today, there are numerous ahadeeth which indicate similar victories not just over the jews but also about dominance over the entire world. We must make du'a for these victories, but not stop at that. For Islam also requires us to ensure that the actions of the Ummah, collectively, through the State also reflect that noble purpose.

The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar. In 2003 the anniversary of the Battle of Badr, 17 Ramadan, falls on November 12.