08 November 2003

WorldNetDaily: Persecuted Christians focus of global prayer
Around the world one of the most neglected stories will be given attention tomorrow by millions of people attending 300,000 churches in 130 countries.
"Christians from Norway and Iceland in the north to Chile in the south and Vladivostok in Russia in the east to Los Angeles in the west will pray for all those who suffer for the name of Jesus Christ," he said. "Brothers and sisters will pray in the jungles of Burma, house churches in China, cathedrals in England, gypsy churches in Bulgaria, house groups in Saudi Arabia, outdoor meetings in Sudan, prayer groups in Belarus and in many other parts of the world."

Persecution is on the rise, according to Candelin, because the Church is growing faster than ever before and mostly in countries where there is a strong anti-Christian sentiment driven either by politics, nationalism or religious ideology.
So give your priest or pastor a call and see if your church is participating. It couldn't hurt.