09 November 2003

Iraq at a glance: "September 2, both the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started giving their endorsed certifications and documents to the students who have graduated.
During ex-regime , the process was impossible!! We should pay millions of Dinars to get it !!especially doctors,dentists,engineers and others ,Saddam was keeping them (imprisoned them )inside the country ,of course if Saddam gave them their certificates; all Iraqis would go abroad leaving him alone in Iraq. ...
Now after the liberation we can receive our certificates paying 10 thousands Iraqi Dinars only ! it is wonderful."
Was this on the news? because it's a wonderful and interesting story. This blogger, a Baghdad dentist, had a doctor friend who tried to get out of the country with a faked apssport and was caught and tortured until his family sold their house to get him out of jail. And then, figuring what did he have to lose, the doctor tried to get out of the country again! I am constantly humbled by the courage of ordinary people.