26 November 2003

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iraqi baby gets help in Israel Cradled in her mother's arms and swathed in a red and yellow blanket, tiny Bayan Jassem was welcomed by Israeli doctors with the Arabic greeting "Salaam Aleikum".
The director if the hospital where newborn Bayan will receive her heart operation is an Israeli born in Iraq.
A 1997 Jerusalem Post article about Wolfson Hospital's Save a Child program: "Save a Child program is unique in the world - repairing more foreign young hearts free than any other hospital in the world".
Baby Bayan sounds like she is in good hands. We pray for her health.

25 November 2003

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Hindu helps faithful Muslims fast: "Dressed in a monkey cap and a long woollen gown, he bangs a cane along the road and calls out through his loud-hailer: 'Get up, my dears. It is time to take your meal.'"
Something nice for a change -- "a mol in a novene".
"For 16 years, Mr Lal has functioned as a walking wake-up call for the city's fasting Muslims"
This seems to be just a good-hearted guy doing a good turn for his neighbors and even the imam says he will surely go to heaven.
Barati Lal of Lucknow. Remember his name. He's a nice person.
ABCNEWS.com : 2 Sentenced for Trying to Join Taliban: "U.S. District Judge Robert E. Jones admonished Ford by saying: 'You do not represent the Muslim faith. Muslims do not engage in the activities you engaged in. You are an insult to that faith.'"
His Honor is soooo wrong.
"Two American Muslims who tried to join the Taliban were sentenced to 18 years in prison Monday during a hearing in which they denounced the Bush administration and pleaded in song for freedom.
Patrice Lumumba Ford, 32, and Jeffrey Leon Battle, 33, had pleaded guilty in October to conspiracy to levy war against the United States."
Both said that in trying to reach Afghanistan, they were fulfilling their Islamic duty to defend fellow Muslims.
"Ford, once an intern at Portland's City Hall, said he felt obliged as a Muslim to defend his fellow Muslims against "President Bush's cruise-missile diplomacy."
WHY will the judge not just listen to what the defendants are saying?
Is it cos they is black?

Arab Man Convicted of Hate Crimes in N.Y.: "SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) -- A 30-year-old Arab man was convicted Monday of hate crimes for burglarizing and burning down a Jewish temple three years ago."
Defense attorney Paul Carey said he would appeal.

"We thought the jury didn't have enough evidence to find him guilty of hate crimes,'' Carey said. "The prosecution referred to him as a terrorist. I think there's a bit of prejudice in all of us after 9-11.''

Uthman, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Venezuela to Palestinian parents, admitted committing the Oct. 13, 2000, burglary but said the arson was planned and carried out by his accomplice, Ahed Shehadeh.

Shehadeh, 30, who is serving a five-year sentence for burglary and aiding and abetting an arson, testified that Uthman dedicated the arson to God, crying out in Arabic, "I did this for you, God!''

Arab man, presumably a Muslim, is alleged to have claimed he committed the arson "for God" -- that's jihad.
Targeted a Jewish house of worship -- that's a hate crime. Yes he could have targeted an Anglican or Catholic church, a Hindu temple, a Baha'i house of of worship. In every case it would be a hate crime.