08 November 2003

WorldNetDaily: Persecuted Christians focus of global prayer
Around the world one of the most neglected stories will be given attention tomorrow by millions of people attending 300,000 churches in 130 countries.
"Christians from Norway and Iceland in the north to Chile in the south and Vladivostok in Russia in the east to Los Angeles in the west will pray for all those who suffer for the name of Jesus Christ," he said. "Brothers and sisters will pray in the jungles of Burma, house churches in China, cathedrals in England, gypsy churches in Bulgaria, house groups in Saudi Arabia, outdoor meetings in Sudan, prayer groups in Belarus and in many other parts of the world."

Persecution is on the rise, according to Candelin, because the Church is growing faster than ever before and mostly in countries where there is a strong anti-Christian sentiment driven either by politics, nationalism or religious ideology.
So give your priest or pastor a call and see if your church is participating. It couldn't hurt.
Jihad Watch:Jihad Watch tells a tale of legislation and murder that is very apropos of the Muslim Brotherhood ruling regarding muslim participation in the American legislative process.

A devout muslim in Scotland tried to arrange an honor killing of his daughter's husband. He was caught and convicted.
Jordan recently rejected stiffening its penalties against honor killings. After all honor killings are islamically acceptable.
As the muslim population of Scotland increases, will new Scots muslims discard islamic ideas about honor killing or will we see an erosion of laws in Scotland protecting its citizens against honor killing?

Those of us who are in a position to participate in US elections must not only keep an eye on the presidential race, but on who is running for alderman and mayor.
I personally feel my vote for mayor in the last election made more difference than my vote for president -- the mayor won by only 12 votes. And although I had much respect and personal agreement with the other candidate, I feared the other candidate's election would send a message to the wrong elements that my town is wide open to radical change of the sort I do not want to see happen. This was an issue for me only because I was already aware of the aims of global jihad.
So in the next election, wherever you are -- think globally, act locally.
Fatwah of February 2002, by Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi (you must see below the fatwah for a description of who he is) of Qatar regarding muslim participation in American elections:

America has special conditions that need to be addressed in order to reach a rule in this matter:

1. America is a nation composed by immigrant communities from all over the world. It is not connected to one nation or one culture, in a limited sense where non-Europeans are excluded.
2. It is a young country. Its cultural patterns are still open to Influence from Islam. It also provides Islam with an opportunity to contribute to its growth.
3. It is a country that respects the freedoms of all religions to exist regardless of some shortcomings

Based on the above mentioned, the following conclusions can be reached in terms of Muslims participation in politics in America:

First: It is incumbent upon Muslims to participate in politics effectively in America. They need to involve for the following reasons:
- If Muslims needs to protect their rights they have to involve in politics.
- Supporting their fellow Muslims around the world
- Spreading Islam’s message
- Expressing the universality of Islam

Participating in politics is an obligation not “a right� that they can quit exercising it whenever they wish. It’s a matter of “protecting societal necessities� and the improvement of Muslims conditions in America.

Second: What ever helps in achieving such noble goals takes their rule Islamicaly. This includes:
1. Nominating any able Muslims to public offices in order to promote what is good for the society and for them, as well as preventing what is evil from harming the society and harming them. These offices are mayors, governors, members of the congress, and alike.
2. Individual Muslims nominate themselves, if Muslims did not nominate him
3. Supporting a non-Muslim candidate if he is more beneficial to Muslim’s causes or less harmful than a Muslim.
4. Supporting non Muslim candidates financially
5. Pursuing citizenship in America because it’s the bases of exercising rights
6. Registering for elections and voting. These are two separate but mandatory obligations.

Regulations and limitations:
1. In order for Muslims to gain their rights in this country, and their positive interaction with the native people of this country, it requires from us consultation and agreement on the main principles of Islam, and we should excuse each other on the minor differences. The righteous Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, set up an example hundreds of years ago when they met to consult each other on the best response to the critical situation during their migration to Abyssinia.

2. Muslims minority in America is in need for strengthening their belief, and enhancing their Islamic culture. Interaction with others should not lead to concessions that hinder their religion. Again the example of Ja'far At-tyar and his refusal to paw for An-Najashi (Negus) King of Abyssinia is the best example.

3. Muslim minority is in need of expressing the facts of Islam in the best manner. Eternal values of Islam, and its humanitarian system should be practiced and reflected in the best way. Exactly as Ja'far did in his speech in front of An-Najashi, when he stated the Principles of Islam and the difference between Islam and darkness. In doing so, Muslims not only gain support and sympathy of others but an encouragement to others to follow the path of Islam.

4. Muslims in America should familiarize themselves with the art of communication and public relations. Again, Ja'far’s example when he ended his speech addressing the kin “we have come to your country’ we have chosen you among kings, we seek our neighborhood, and seek not to be dealt with unjustly.�

About Sheikh al-Qaradawi: The Arab World and Muslim communities in the West regard Qaradawi as the supreme religious authority of the Muslim Brotherhood of our times. His Fatwahs serve as a basis for many major rulings in cardinal issues, including suicide operations against civilians; Islamic economy; immigration; participation of Muslims in the U.S. military forces in Iraq, etc.

courtesy of PRISM

07 November 2003

Arab Liberal Writer Blames Arab Media for Hatred of US "According to Abd Al-Bari Atwan, 'the U.S. has given the world a model of equality, human rights, an independent judicial authority, and democratic institutions, but has always acted to deprive Arabs and Muslims of these achievements…'

"Mr. Abd Al-Bari Atwan… It is not possible to impose these achievements if they don't want them. Democracy is not a commodity that the U.S. can export or donate.

"Atwan complains that, 'At the Aqaba summit, the U.S. president pledged to preserve Israel's Jewish identity…' and [he wonders] 'how the U.S. – a country with ethnic, religious, and cultural pluralism – can support a racist country that is based on religion…'

An op-ed by Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor of London Arabic daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi, claiming that the U.S. is to blame for the Arab world's hatred of it, [1] sparked a debate in the Arab press. Munir Al-Mawari, a Yemenite journalist and columnist for the London Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, wrote several articles responding to Atwan's claims.
"Mr. Atwan, the U.S. does not support Israel because it is a Jewish country, but because Israel has succeeded in linking its existence with the supreme national American interest. We have 22 religious countries. In all of them but one, the constitution stipulates that Islam is the national religion and that Islamic law is the principle source of legislation. [And yet] despite this, the U.S. maintains ties with us. The reality is that Israel is more democratic than any Arab country, and the suffering of the Palestinian citizen in Israel is much less than the suffering of the Arab citizen in his homeland and his own Arab country, whatever country that may be …"
To Atwan's claim that "the Arab satellite channels suffer from a severe shortage of voices and figures willing to defend the U.S…. because it is indefensible…" Al-Mawari responds: "There are many who [would] defend the U.S. in the Arab media – but in the Arab media jungle, dominated by extremists or by those who fear them, America's defenders don't have a chance… Does the U.S. realize that it must fight the weapons of bias and mass fraud before it eliminates WMD?"
Worldwide, antisemitism is approaching 1930s levels. As we approach the anniversary of Kristallnacht, let me tell you a little bit about those years.In 1939, a shipload of Jews from Germany tried to escape their fate by boarding the SS ST. Louis, which was to take them to safety in Cuba, where some of them had relatives.
After Kristallnacht in November 1938, many Jews within Germany decided that it was time to leave. Though many German Jews had emigrated in the preceding years, the Jews who remained had a more difficult time because emigration policies had toughened. By 1939, not only were visas needed to be able to enter another country but money was also needed to leave Germany. Since many countries, especially the United States, had immigration quotas, visas were near impossible to acquire within the short time spans in which they were needed. For many, the visas were acquired after it was too late. The opportunity that the S.S. St. Louis presented seemed like a last hope to escape.
Some of these people had just been released from Dachau, some families had been so economically worn down by the laws against Jews that they could only afford to put one family member on the ship. The United States had immigration quotas. Cuba wanted huge bribes. The Joint didn't have all the information it needed to help. In the end, the St. Louis sailed to Cuba and back with the Jews still on board. They managed to get to European countries other than Germany, and were swept up by the Holocaust when it reached them and deported East to die.
If a ship from Israel carrying desperate refugees asked to land in New Jersey next week, what do you think would happen? A hint:
2,000 Israelis Try to Beat New U.S. Visa Regulations
12:31 Jul. 14, '03 / 14 Tammuz 5763
Today is the last day that most foreign citizens need not undergo a personal interview and then wait several weeks before receiving a visa to visit the U.S.
Until now, Israelis wishing to visit the United States could obtain a visa in a two-day process by applying directly to the U.S. Embassy, at a cost of 325 shekels. The average amount of Israelis whose visa requests were rejected has been approximately 5%. Under the new regulations, would-be visitors will have to apply via their travel agents, wait for a personal interview, and then wait for a decision by U.S. authorities - a process that could take up to two months.

05 November 2003

The interim president of Hillel is trying to save face. FORWARD : News: "'If I were to look at the 400 campuses where Hillel has a presence, I don't think there are serious battle issues on more than 25 or 30 of those campuses,' Infeld said. 'And on those campuses the Arab students are organized, the Arab students have mobilized the faculty and we're having a more difficult time. But that's not representative of the entire country."
In his article, Sharansky estimated that no more than a tenth of Jewish students on the campuses he visited participate in Jewish or pro-Israel activity. "And the rest?" he asked. "The rest are simply silent. They are not identified, not active, not risk-takers. Nearly 90% of our students are Jews of silence."
Sharansky is absolutely correct. Our campus is not an organized anti-Israel campus. There have been no anti-Israel demonstrations. I see no anti-Israel propaganda when I walk through the Student Center. But I can tell you from personal experience about our kids not being risk-takers. They are too scared to hand out apples and honey for the holidays.
All it takes is for good men to do nothing.

04 November 2003

A Human Rights Report on Trafficking of Persons, Especially Women and Children [in Saudi Arabia]PDF report March 2002
In October 1998, for example, an airplane full of young Indian girls, many of them scarred or maimed, flew back to India after the girls were deported from Saudi Arabia. Apparently, the girls’ parents had sold them during a pilgrimage to Mecca, and they were then forced into prostitution. In another case, 76 girls from Bangladesh and India, ranging in age from 6 to 15, were deported from the country in the late 1990s. Police and social workers believe they were victims of an organized ring of child prostitution.
A 1962 Royal Decree abolished slavery.
Forced or compulsory labor is prohibited by law.
Foreign workers, however, are subject to the control of national sponsors.
Labor law does not apply to domestic service.
Saudi Arabia has ratified the ILO 105 Convention on the Elimination of Forced and Compulsory Labor or the Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery and the Slave Trade and Institutions and Practices Similar to Slavery.
However, Saudi Arabia has not ratified the ILO 182 Convention on the Abolition of Child Labor, the 1999 Convention to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labor, the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography, the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families or the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children.
Part of the European tour trip journal entry of musician Steve Morse for Nov. 3 03:
"The ironies and breathtaking pricing of these hotels continues to be a source of amusement and frustration, especially since the only English programming on the TV's is CNN or BBC news. There's only so many times you can hear the same headlines over and over.

Here in Europe, a surprising number of hotels have Al Jazeera t.v. in all the rooms. On this trip, to France, Austria, and Germany, there appear to be more Arabic channels than English by a big margin. Maybe it's a function of the 4 and 5 star hotels catering to well moneyed businessmen of all nationalities. Maybe it's something else, I don't know."
Below is a reader's post made to FrontPageMag. I believe it speaks for itself.

Date: 11/3/2003 1:48:37 PM
Name: Mahdi Al-Dajjal
Subject: A former muslim...

Thank goodness more and more people see through the smoke blown at them by Muslims and their Apologists to conceal their true end-game (World Domination) and who recognize Islam as being probably THE greatest threat to Western Civilization this century.

As a former Muslim, I can tell you without hesitation that their common goal and religious duty (repeatedly drilled into them from childhood) is and has always been to 'conquer and convert' until the entire world is Muslim and living under Islamic Law.

Islam's followers are taught and clearly understand that this goal is to be achieved by any means including but not limited to: lying (deceiving Infidels is not considered wrong under virtually ANY circumstance), cheating and stealing (taking from Infidels is not considered wrongful conduct because if you got away with it then Allah must have approved), murder of those who stand in their way (killing Infidels is doctrinally approved and even mandated in some cases), enslaving those who refuse to convert (widely accepted in Islam to put non-believers into the service of those who serve Allah), and rape. Note that soldiers and civilians captured during Gulf War I and later released told of such experiences of rape and other defilements.

For horrific acts committed against captured soldiers, read: Bravo Two Zero: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0440218802/

For atrocities committed against captured civilians, read: The Rape of Kuwait: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1561291935/

Lastly, this also includes breaching any type of agreement (verbal or written) including treaties. Recall Oslo Accords (breached) and Gulf War Cease Fire Agreement (breached), among many others. Recall Abu-Sayaf Muslims who agreed to free their hostages upon ransom payment but instead beheaded them and fled. In other words, world domination is clearly intended to be acheived by saying and doing anything which moves them closer to their end-game by even the smallest of increments.

If you simply don't believe any of this then go to their own site where articles by prestigious Islamic scholars and religious leaders are routinely posted providing religious instruction, guidance, and doctrinal clarifications to millions of web-enabled Muslims around the world and see for yourself what it is their religious scholars teach and their holy men preach. Surf around the site and you'll find articles about the lying, etc. mentioned above including others you may find equally disturbing.

Be advised that since I've been making people aware of this website, somebody there has been removing various articles completely and sanatizing others. Evidently, someone in charge over there is very much concerned that the infidels may actually learn about what Islam really does teach.

For example:

see: Duty of Muslims Towards Treaties [made with Jews]:
--- ARTICLE HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THEIR SITE --- I read that article before they took it off their site. Essentially, for a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo reasoning only an Islamic scholar would clearly understand, there is no obligation whatsoever for a Muslim to adhere to treaties made with Jews because such agreements were considered to have been 'born dead'.

See: Obligations of Muslims Towards Disbelievers [and other Infidels]:

See: Islam & The Concept of Friendship [with non-Muslims]:

See: Muslims and [how to handle] the University Culture [while studying in the USA]:

For those interested in understanding Islam's hatred of the west, a good starting point is the following article. Surf the main page for other stuff you may find interesting: http://www.danielpipes.com/article/417

Also, you can check out these lists of books I found on Amazon.com.

Books exposing Islam for what it is:

Books on Terrorism and Jihad:

Books on Women in Islam:

Books on Slavery in Islam:

Also, visit these sites generally keeping watch on Islam and trying to get the word out to my fellow Infidels and to those Muslims willing to come out of the dark and stand in the light of day:


Muslims know what Islam teaches. There can be no denying this. Their holy men know this.. Their scholars know this.. The truely faithful know this. Those who do not know this are either ignorant of the facts and really naive to what's going on in the world.

From their 'churches', their 'preachers' during 'religious services' give 'sermons' which spew venom straight from the 'pulpit' to whip the 'faithful' into a murderous frenzy of 'spiritual renewal' so that their followers can hence go forth with a re-newed hatred for other races, religions, and cultures, and all other things non-Islamic. I know.. I've been there..

For me, the truth about Islam was difficult to face having grown up under the ever present fear of severe punishment, reprisals against family, and imprisonment, torture and death if I ever questioned my faith. No matter how I thought about Islam the answer seemed to always comes up the same... Islam is evil. There was no doubt about that.


If we all do nothing then rest assured that someday we will all be Muslim Converts, Slaves, or Headless Corpses. Your choice of course...

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L'information en Ile-de-France: "Une jeune fille agresse cause de ses boucles d'oreille en forme de croix"
Agence France Presse has this story -- my French is horrible so I can only give an overview: A Christian girl of Lebanese origin was assaulted by 3 Algerians for wearing cross earrings in Chelles, France. They fondled her breasts, called her a whore, cut her cheeks with a knife, and yelled "this is Algerian Sharia Law!" ("C'est la charia des islamistes algériens" lance-t-il.) Incidentally the 20 year old girl is physically handicapped.
And it gets better:
A muslim spokesman reassures us that the thugs are not true muslims but merely imbeciles. "'CE NE SONT PAS de vrais musulmans, mais simplement des imbeciles qui salissent l'islam et n'ont rien compris א cette religion. Ils seront punis par Dieu. Dieu n'aime pas les agressions.' Abderrezak Besalem, president de l'association de musulmans Foi et Fraternite..." (log in to leparisien to read more)
Quel shtuyot. They ARE true muslims, but I will cede the point that they are imbeciles.
Two of them have been arrested and I think the third has not been found yet. Under true sharia the Christian girl would have no legal case for complaining, since dhimmis are not allowed to practice their religion in public.

03 November 2003

02 November 2003

Dhimmitude Past and Present: An Invented or Real History?: "...the late Prof. Ismail al-Faruqi, a Palestinian, who was Professor of Islamic Studies and the History of Religion at Temple University (1968-86), and who also taught at the University of Chicago and Syracuse University [says] in a forward to Islam and Other Faiths (1998 - a collection of Faruqi's articles):
"The Islamic state is hoped by all Muslims some day to include the whole world. The Pax Islamica which the Islamic state offers is more viable than the United Nations...."
Today many Muslims reject such theories. As for states, only Turkey has officially rejected them.
See some modernday victims of dhimmitude
Call upon the United Nations to condemn the ideology of Jihad-Islamism
StandWithUs: Anti-Incitement Petition: "The Palestinian authority must be accountable for ending incitement against Israel."
We, the undersigned, strongly urge that the Bush Administration’s Roadmap to Peace define and require measurable, verifiable provisions that hold Palestinian leadership responsible for ending incitement against Israel and Jews, and for putting an end to the glorification of suicide terrorism.
Backspin: Minnesotans Against Terrorism: "When Minneapolis-based businessman Marc Grossfield and attorney Mark Rotenberg--founders of MAT--returned from Israel, having eyewitnessed a suicide bombing a few feet in front of them, they were justifiably peeved to find their hometown paper refer to these incidents as the work of "activists" or "rebels.""
This is a fascinating story of how a small group in Minnesota dealt with the problem of biased reporting practices in their biggest newspaper. Some of the tactics they used can certainly apply to biased web publishing that supports and apologizes for terrorists.
"Rotenberg decided she would take out a full-page advertisement in the Star Tribune. Unlike most ads though, this wasn't a promo piece. Instead, the ad contained over 350 signatures in support of MAT from prominent civic, business and religious leaders, including Governor Ventura and both U.S. Senators from Minnesota. It also featured excerpts from a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece, which voiced a similar complaint about the Star Tribune's reporting."
The group got a large number of prominent supporters, took out an ad with a criticism of the Star Tribune's refusal to call a terrorist a terrorist along with supporting signatures, publicised the running of the ad through a news release, followed up the news release with further personal contact with the press, and held a news conference at a very convenient time and location for the press. It was a lot of redundancy and reinforcement but that is precisely what makes for good PR: the same message coming across as many channels as possible so no one can miss it. (note that PASSIA "trains PLO media professionals in the art of transforming the image of the Arab-Israeli struggle" -- some of the methods described here -- apparently using American funding. We have to figure it out ourselves.)
Jonathan R. Galt has campaigned for hosting providers to do the right thing with somewhat similar methods.
A resource the Minnesota group had to start out with was the awareness and support of prominent people. It's always a good time for us to cultivate awareness among all kinds of prominent people: elected officials, business people, volunteer organizations in towns that have internet hosting companies. It's good to reach out before a specific event or issue causes a crisis in our minds that is not so apparent to them. If you have an ongoing relationship with people, when something happens that you need them to address, you are not starting from square one in explaining your point of view. One of our more successful volunteers is someone who is able to pick up the telephone and have a chat with someone to explain where we are coming from. Not all of us find it easy to build new relationships. Those of us who can have a very valuable talent they can use in the war on terror.