11 November 2003

Could the Temple Mount be the next target of attack?
Northeast Intelligence Network presents an analysis that suggests al Quaeda will target the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in order to set off Kristallnacht-like violence against Jews and Americans.
Fox News reported on November 4 that that a warning had been issued to muslims in America to get out of Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles [and the "east side" according to the Yahoo group "Daleel Al Mojahid" (directions to the holy warrior)].
Tomorrow is the 17th of Ramadan, "Jerusalem Day" and also the anniversary of the Battle of Badr. As I write this, it is morning in America and the sun has set in Jerusalem.
We do not know for certain if this analysis is accurate but thought we should tell you in case there is a possiblity of violence.

Battle Of Badr - 17TH RAMADHAN 2 A.H
-- posted in 2000 to the Lexington Area Muslim Network (Lexington-Net is the first electronic mailing list open to all Muslim residents of Lexington, KY and surrounding towns and cities. It features news, announcements and practical information. It currently has over 400 members.)
It can also be clearly seen from the above accounts that Muhammad was also mindful of his other duties to Allah. Islam required him not only to make du'a for victory over the Disbelievers but also for his Islamic State to undertake economic, political and military actions that were in line with this objective and which he performed in order to seek Allah's victory. This is in complete contrast to the situation in which only du'a is made throughout the Islamic Lands today. That is because the basis for the rule is non-Islamic, even though the people and the Lands are Islamic. As a consequence, the political actions do not have Islamic objectives, such as achieving dominance for Islam and victory over the Disbelievers. So, instead of weakening the position of our enemies, the existing States in Islamic Lands strengthen them by not undertaking the Shariah actions such as Jihad.


For us today, there are numerous ahadeeth which indicate similar victories not just over the jews but also about dominance over the entire world. We must make du'a for these victories, but not stop at that. For Islam also requires us to ensure that the actions of the Ummah, collectively, through the State also reflect that noble purpose.

The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar. In 2003 the anniversary of the Battle of Badr, 17 Ramadan, falls on November 12.

10 November 2003

FrontPage magazine.com: "Unfortunately, most of us in America and Israel believe that we are at war with terrorism. We therefore concentrate all our attention and effort against terrorism only. To do so is to wear blinders and not grasp the big picture. To worsen matters, we commit troops and equipment to fight the enemy precisely where he wants to fight--that is, in his backyard using guerrilla tactics. We fail to understand that terrorism is only one of the many weapons used by our enemies. Every American and every Jew is under attack in some shape or form."
This is from September 2003: Al-Qa'ida Website, Back On-Line... on the U.S. and Bombing in Saudi Arabia [AL QAEDA ALERT!]: "'Similarly, it must also be noted that in its war with America, the Al-Qa'ida organization adopted the strategy of expanding the battle arena... This strategy has priceless advantages; the enemy who had only his country to defend realized that he now must defend his enormous interests in every country...

'While this strategy might cause some damages to Muslims in the process of defending the nation, this happens all the time, and in every Jihad. The Afghans suffered long years of war because they stood up to the Communist invasion that sought to conquer, among other things, the land of the two holy places, and that even managed to set foot in the southern Arabian Peninsula by means of the Communist country in Southern Yemen that is now extinct.

'Even the collaborating countries operate according to this rule... The government of the land of the two holy places charges [its] public for the expenses of its attack on the Mujahiddeen in the so-called war on terror... on the pretext that there is no other way to implement the interest of the people. It is better that some damage be caused to the people in the interests of religion than in the interests of establishing the thrones of the despots and agents...' "
-- A September 2003 discussion of

Faroq began as an Al Qaida site focused primarily on fighting the US in Iraq, but has begun to transform itself into a more general site, and has begun re-posting content from Al Neda. The story of the Faroq/Al-neda connection and the death of the original webmaster was told in September 2003 at Internet Haganah

09 November 2003

Iraq at a glance: "September 2, both the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started giving their endorsed certifications and documents to the students who have graduated.
During ex-regime , the process was impossible!! We should pay millions of Dinars to get it !!especially doctors,dentists,engineers and others ,Saddam was keeping them (imprisoned them )inside the country ,of course if Saddam gave them their certificates; all Iraqis would go abroad leaving him alone in Iraq. ...
Now after the liberation we can receive our certificates paying 10 thousands Iraqi Dinars only ! it is wonderful."
Was this on the news? because it's a wonderful and interesting story. This blogger, a Baghdad dentist, had a doctor friend who tried to get out of the country with a faked apssport and was caught and tortured until his family sold their house to get him out of jail. And then, figuring what did he have to lose, the doctor tried to get out of the country again! I am constantly humbled by the courage of ordinary people.