14 July 2004

israelinsider: security: IDF accidentally captures soldiers' abuse of Palestinians on film
A film crew sent by the Israel Defense Forces in February to document events at an army checkpoint near Nablus, while preparing a PR film to help promote Israel's case, captured footage of soldiers' abuse of Palestinian civilians instead. The checkpoint commander was removed from duty and a military investigation was launched.
On the day of the filming, an IDF sergeant from the 202nd Paratroopers Brigade, identified by Maariv as Sgt.-Maj. B., was in charge of the checkpoint. The sergeant was filmed committing three separate acts of violence, even though he was aware that he was being photographed.
Israel Radio reported that the checkpoint commander was a Bedouin who was described by friends as suffering from severe mental problems.
The videotape was handed over to IDF commanders, who passed it on to the Military Police, which launched an investigation into the checkpoint commander and his soldiers. B. was removed from duty two months ago and was indicted on charges of aggravated abuse, assault, willful wrongdoing, and improper conduct. He will be tried in the Central District Military Court.

At least he is being dealt with appropriately by the authorities. This sort of thing shouldn't be happening, anywhere. Unfortunately it sometimes does and unfortunately not every instance is prosecuted. Hopefully the justice system can be brought to bear on all such instances of abuse.